Book Review – Blaque Beauty and the Rancher

Blaque Beauty and the RancherBlaque Beauty and the Rancher by Erin Lee Daniels

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Good thriller writers will complement their characters with intriguing settings and suspense filled action that keeps readers turning pages. A romance writer however, lacks this crutch, if you will. The genre itself removes any question about how the book will end—when you start reading it you know the story will end happily ever after. God help the romance writer who defies this pre-ordained outcome.

Why do I mention all this? Because without that question of how things will turn out for our intrepid characters all the romance writer is left with is insight and emotion to carry the day and maintain reader interest. Point being then, to make it work, you need to be one talented writer.

Erin Lee Daniels proves herself to be just that. Her characters of Josh and Carly are fleshed out and fully formed to the point of making this reader wonder if they were actual people. The author’s exploration of their emotions for each other and those around them never failed to fascinate. And can I just say, Erin possesses a rare ability to paint a vivid picture with her words. More than once I closed my eyes and could see every detail of the Montana Ranch and those on it. Rembrandt has nothing on Daniels!

My only quibble with the story was the abundance of supporting characters. I won’t say too much about it (because it’s a fault I’m guilty of in my own writing) but at times it was confusing trying to keep all those extended relatives straight in my head.

For those who like a sweet romance with real emotional depth I’d recommend checking this one out!!

5 stars.

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